When you need IT skills but a full-time employee simply doesn’t make sense, there are more options than ever. The IT world, and the work world, in general, has moved to embrace alternative models of employment in the last few decades. If you can’t find the right full-time employee to handle your technical infrastructure needs, then IT contract staffing may provide the answer you need.

Full-time or contract workers?

Naturally, there’s nothing wrong with using full-time workers in IT. There are a number of excellent reasons to use a full-time worker rather than a contractor: Higher retention, potentially stronger company loyalty, more potential for team unity, more opportunities for you as an employee to get to know them.

On the other hand, sometimes it’s not efficient to use full-time employees. Most notably, if you don’t need their services all of the time. It’s not uncommon to find companies that have a core of full-time workers that they supplement as needed using contract staffing.

Advantages of IT Contract Staffing

  • Flexible Arrangements: When you really need an extra hand around the office, contractors are there to help. If a full-time employee takes time off or if there’s a hiring freeze, contractors are a handy option to have around.
  • Lower Liability: Contractors offer very low business liability. Employers are still responsible for security and safety, but burdens are lower in terms of compensation and unemployment liability.
  • Fast onboarding: Whenever you’re ready to hire contractors you can. Most staffing firms make it very easy to bring on new workers with short turnaround times.
  • Skill improvement: If you bring on contractors who are specialists in particular technologies, they may transfer some of their knowledge to internal staff during their engagement.
  • ‘Try before you buy:’ If your firm is looking for more full-time IT employees, trying them out as contractors before hiring is a great way to find the best talent out there. Even if you aren’t actively looking, a contractor may surprise you.

All-in-all, contract staffing is a great supplement or alternative to traditional methods of IT staffing. Transcend Solutions can help you find great contract IT professionals with the skills you need. Contact us and we’ll help you get started.

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