A good IT department is the backbone of any company that uses technology. But a good department is made of good employees. How do you hire IT professionals with the skills you need? It’s all about the hiring process.

Qualities to look for

When it comes to full-time employees, you’ll need to take greater pains to find someone who really works as a part of a team. Here are a few things to look for in a full-time IT hire:

An ability to communicate with a wide variety of personalities:

This is so crucial for an IT professional. You want someone who can break down problems and explain them in ways that anyone can understand. IT techs with these skills are rarer than anyone likes, but they pay for themselves many times over.

Loves to learn

IT (and technology in general) is constantly changing. Given this, it’s helpful to find someone who loves to change with it. Someone with a natural curiosity will find this easier.

Is a team player

This holds true for any employee you hire. Beyond almost any other considerations, you want someone ethical, honest, and eager to help out where they can.

How to hire IT professionals who know their stuff

People skills are one thing: How do you find IT professionals that have the technical skills you need?

The answer is simple: With tests. Talk to them about their experience with the nuts and bolts of different technologies they’ve used. Ask them to describe their experience with all of them.

Look for first-hand experience on their resume. Look for certifications as well, though these aren’t as important as experience.

There is another option, however. You could always rely on a firm experienced in IT staffing to ask the tough questions for you. Transcend Solutions will hire IT professionals that help your organization run like a Swiss watch. Call Transcend Solutions to find reliable long-term members for your IT team.

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