IT Contract Staffing Solutions

When we place an IT professional in a contract staffing position, our goals are:

  • To meet the immediate need with the right technical skills and experience
  • To require a minimum of training on your part
  • To provide a person who fits your organization culturally

We spend more time than most recruiting firms, both with our clients and with those we place, to make sure that the person is productive as quickly as possible, works well with the rest of your team, and supports your goals. We also have a deep understanding of IT disciplines and technologies, so we can provide the right type of person for the assignment.

IT Contract Staffing Seattle WA

Our IT Contract Staffing Solutions Help You Find Professionals

Our clients ask us to fill contract staffing positions when they:

  • Have spikes in workloads
  • Are entering new markets or have secured a new contract, and they need to bring people on board with new skills
  • Are looking for ways to get certain kinds of work done but don’t need a full-time employee
  • Want to build a team and want to experiment with different ways of composing that team
  • Want to complement the skill sets of workers who are already there
  • Are going through a merger or acquisition, or other major business restructuring, and need help during the transition period

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