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We choose the employees you would choose for yourself
In every job we fill, we strive to make a match that will satisfy the employer and the worker. Whether the job is contract or permanent, our skilled recruiters will find passive candidates and connect you with the best fit for your IT needs. We offer fast turnaround, consistent communication, and high-skilled candidates based on our own years of experience in IT. We understand that a great IT department is crucial to the smooth functioning of a business. We want to do everything we can to make sure a great fit for your needs and your corporate culture.

Our candidate screening process

Whether you’re looking to hire a contract employee for a single project, or to fill a permanent position, we work to thoroughly identify whether they have the technical skills and the temperament to fit your needs. Our Washington-located recruiters have the IT background to identify the skilled IT experts who would be the best addition to your team.

Representing your business

One of our most important selling points at Transcend Solutions is our ability to fully understand your business and represent your opportunity to skilled professionals. We strongly believe in respecting the time and attention of everyone we work with, and so we make sure that we bringing people together who would be a great fit.

IT Jobs in Seattle WA
IT Jobs Seattle, WA

Are you ready to hire IT professionals?

Are you ready to hire IT contractors in Washington state that are a perfect match for your business needs? Are you looking for the right individual to join your team full-time? We thoroughly vet candidates so that you’ll love the people we send you.

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