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We not only vet candidates for our clients. We vet client companies for our candidates. That’s important – because you’re going to be working there every day. We spend a lot of time with clients up front, gaining an in-depth understanding of the technical help they need and the culture of the company. If you are right for an open position, we will thoroughly brief you before the interview – about the company, the position, and the situation. If you’re looking for someone to help you find the best job, we’d love to hear from you.

We have been providing IT staffing services for decades, with hundreds of candidates and clients satisfied with the way we made the match. What makes us different – and keeps clients coming back – is the time we spend up front with candidates and clients before we ever send a candidate to a client. We focus on quality vs. quantity and utilize our expertise to present the most qualified candidates.  Our goal is to never waste anyone’s time with a substandard fit, either for a contract assignment, permanent position or project based solution. If you are looking to apply for an IT job, you have come to the right place. 

IT Job Seekers

We fill many different types of IT jobs for a variety of clients, including:


  • Architecture l Integration (Network/Systems/Information Architect, Integration Developer)
  • Program l Product Management (Program Manager, Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Project Lead)
  • Development (SDE, SDET, Mobile/Application Developer, Application Specialist, Web Developer, Webmaster)
  • Engineering (Software Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Verification & Validation)
  • Quality Assurance Testing (QA Testers, User Acceptance Testers, Software Test Engineers)
  • Operations l Infrastructure (Network/Systems Engineer, Systems Administrator, Devops, Builders)
  • Creative | Web Management (UX Developer, UI Developer, Usability Researcher, Writer, Producer)
  • Business Intelligence | Reporting (Report Developers, Business/Systems/Functional Analysts)
  • Support (Production Support, Application Support, Release Management, Configuration Management, Help Desk/Technical Support, Premier Field Engineers, Sales/Technical Account Managers)
  • Database | Data Warehouse (DB Admin,  DB Developers/Architects, Data Analysis, Data Warehouse Developer/Architect, Data Scientists)

Why upload my resume?

As soon as you upload your IT resume, we’ll take a long, hard look and then contact you for a conversation. Because we work so hard on making the right match between candidate and company, we will want to know all about your technical experience, and the type of company that would be the best fit for you. All confidential, careful, professional. Take a moment to upload your IT resume. 

Upload Your IT Resume

Upload Your Resume

Your next new IT job starts with a meaningful conversation

You want a great job. We want to talk with you, because we are working with some great companies looking for great candidates. We are just as selective about the companies we work for as we are the candidates we send them.

Just send us your resume and we’ll be in touch right away.

We focus on IT positions in companies of all sizes, all over the country. Because we specialize in IT, When you apply for an IT job with us, we will have a meaningful interview with you. Because we make a point of placing the right person in the right job – culture, responsibilities, policies, etc. – you will be glad you came to Transcend Solutions.

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