Are Certifications Worth the Effort for Engineers?

Certifications occupy an interesting place in the field of engineering. Some say they’re a money-making scheme for governing bodies. Even still, others see them as a way to formally validate skills and experience in specific niches and specializations.

Are certifications worth the effort? More importantly, will they land you the job you want? We say the answer is, “yes.” Here’s what job seekers should know.

When Are Certifications Worth It?

Certifications exist to provide standardized recognition of your knowledge and skills in a niche area of your field. Although they can be time-consuming and expensive, the right certifications can set you apart from the competition when you apply for a job.

Why is this the case?

From the employer perspective, certifications provide a much-needed benchmarking system during the hiring process. Two candidates may have five years of experience, but the skills gained during those five years may vary wildly. By suggesting or even requiring certifications, employers make it easier to attract candidates who fit the specific role they need to fill.

Those benefits also help you. They direct you to jobs where your skills are a great fit and stop you from wasting your time on applications that don’t suit your current level of competency or experience.

What are the other benefits of certifications? For job seekers, the benefits include:

  • Credibility
  • Confidence
  • Validation
  • Respect

What Engineering Certifications Should You Choose?

Engineering is a diverse field, so the best place to start looking for certifications is within your engineering specialization. These are the most relevant certifications for your career and also likely to be the most meaningful for employers.

Remember that some certifications may be very valuable to both you and your employer. Your current employer may pay the examination fee as part of your training and education benefits. Be sure to talk to your current HR team or ask about the potential of certification sponsorship in your interviews.

Certifications Can Help Land Your Next Role

While certifications alone won’t replace education, experience, and licensure, they go a long way to set you apart in a competitive field. Although some see them as a money-making scheme, certifications provide validation of your skill and knowledge in a way that’s quantifiable for employers.

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