Here Are 9 Signs That Top Talent Is About to Quit

As team leaders, it’s easy for us to recognize positive patterns of behavior among our team.  It’s little wonder why; we’re always looking for ways to make our teams stronger, so when we notice that someone is pulling extra weight, we’re quick to reward that person. The upshot is that while we’re busy promoting enthusiastic team members, it can be easy for us to overlook the signs when a team member is losing interest in their role. If we’re able to notice the signs when a valued team member is thinking about jumping ship, we might be able to intervene, constructively address the problem and encourage them to stay.

Here are 9 reliable signs that a member of your team is about to quit:

  1. Their wardrobe noticeably changes. If they suddenly start wearing nicer clothes and presenting themselves in a cleaner way, they may be interviewing for other positions. On the other hand, if they start showing up to work in more shabby clothes, it might be a sign they’ve become apathetic to their work.
  2. Their moods shift rapidly. If a team member appears to frequently shift back and forth in their mood, this may be a sign they are currently riding the emotional roller coaster of the search for a new job.
  3. Sudden uptick in LinkedIn activity. If you notice an employee cleaning up their LinkedIn profile, it could be because they are after the attention of new employers.
  4. They have started showing a lack of interest in taking on new tasks. Employees who are planning to leave will be reluctant to involve themselves in new tasks that might last longer than they’re willing to stick around.
  5. You find it difficult to track them down at work. Maybe they’ve begun showing up late, taking longer breaks or being the first to leave at the end of the day. An effort to make themselves scarce might indicate they’re unhappy at work.
  6. They’re acting a little awkward. If an employee who has always looked you in the eye suddenly starts fidgeting or avoiding eye contact during conversation, they might be feeling guilty about their undisclosed intention to quit.
  7. They’re suddenly less eager to impress you. When an employee that used to eagerly rise to occasions suddenly becomes disinterested during team meetings, it might be a sign they’ve begun looking for other opportunities.
  8. They socialize less with colleagues. When an employee intends to stay put, they’ll typically spend time building relationships with co-workers. The opposite is true for someone who intends to leave.
  9. Decreased productivity. When a once-superstar employee starts acting lazy, take notice and talk to them.

Is Your Talent Quitting?

If we’re prepared to recognize these signs, we can take action to address the things that are making an employee unhappy at work. These signs might be reflected in how they present themselves at work and in their willingness to engage in new work-related tasks. If you’re looking to add top talent to your team, check us out here.

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