2022 STEM Career Outlook


Working in one of the STEM disciplines offers the chance for a rewarding career lasting until your retirement. Lucrative job opportunities abound with excellent companies hoping to change the world with science and technology. Expect to work each day on interesting projects where you get the opportunity to learn new technologies.

If you are interested in building a STEM career, it helps to understand the current job market. So let’s take a closer look at this year’s career outlook for STEM professionals. Leverage this information to improve your chances of finding a new position with a forward-looking organization.


The Number of STEM Jobs Continues to Grow

According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the STEM employment sector grew by 13 percent over the last decade. This accounts for at least 9 million new jobs at the beginning of this year. Since STEM job roles typically match the technology employment market, expect the number of opportunities to continue trending upwards.

In short, the time is right for being a STEM professional. So let’s look at some STEM job roles companies currently need.


The High Demand For Software Engineers

Companies typically need software engineers no matter the current economic situation. It’s one STEM job role always boasting a strong demand. Expect the job requirements to include at least two years of experience in a software engineering role.

Other requirements depend on the needs of the position, including programming languages and exposure to SOA or microservices architecture. When it comes to education, at least a bachelor’s degree is a must. The current median annual salary for a software engineer is $110,140.

The Business World Needs More Cybersecurity Professionals

Stories about cybercrime appear in the news on a regular basis. It’s a major reason why companies struggle to recruit experienced cybersecurity professionals. In fact, the BLS identifies cybersecurity as the fastest-growing STEM job role. The number of jobs is expected to increase by 33 percent by 2030.

Civil Engineering is a Popular STEM Discipline

Civil engineers typically use a full range of STEM-related skills in science, math, and technology. This job involves technical work on projects designing roads, utility systems, stormwater removal, and more. Positions typically require a professional engineer license and at least five years of experience. Expect an average annual salary in the six-figure range.


Take your STEM career to the next level!

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