How to Compete For and Win Over Top Technology & Engineering Talent?


With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to wane, the job market for technology professionals remains one favoring the candidate. Companies continue to compete for the most in-demand tech roles, including developers, data engineers and sdet’s. Ultimately, a challenging market requires businesses to take a proactive approach to ensure they source and hire the best.

In fact, even after finding the best candidate possible, expect them to likely have multiple competing offers. So here are a few tips to help your business make that critical hire when faced with strong competition. Leverage this advice to ensure your company never suffers from a technology skills gap.

Take a Truthful and Transparent Approach With Candidates

Throughout the hiring process, your recruiters need to remain honest and transparent with each candidate. Make sure they understand all aspects of the open position, including the job responsibilities and requirements. Also, keep everyone in the loop as far as the status of the open position. After finally making an offer, don’t be surprised if your top candidate has already accepted another position.

A Fast Hiring Process is Critical

Somewhat related to that last point, businesses also need a streamlined hiring process for technology and engineering professionals. Remember, the top technical candidates rarely stay on the market for more than a few weeks. It’s another scenario where a bloated process with multiple interview rounds ultimately fails. Don’t risk losing your top candidates to other companies working at a higher velocity!

A Competitive and Creative Job Offer is a Must

Of course, most tech candidates value a high salary and generous benefits package. However, any successful job offer needs to provide other meaningful perks. For example, many technology and engineering professionals now want the ability to work from home. Remote working is obviously the new normal in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Also, consider stock options and a generous 401(k) matching policy to boost the financial aspects of your job offer. Offering annual performance-based bonuses also raises the chances of a job offer being accepted. A strong focus on professional development, including tuition reimbursement, is another must.


Partner With an Experienced Technical Staffing Agency

A partnership with a top-shelf technology and engineering employment agency also makes it easier to hire great technology professionals. It needs to be part of any well-considered staffing policy.

When searching an exceptional staffing partner, look no further than the team at Transcend Solutions. As one of the top technical staffing agencies in the Northwest, we provide the top talent your business needs. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your current and future staffing plans.

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