7 Skills Every IT Manager Needs to Be Successful

IT is a rapidly expanding and multidimensional industry, and our businesses need to be equally dynamic in order to keep up. Managers, in particular, need to be flexible in order to be successful. In today’s IT industry, team leaders need to be masters of traditional leadership skills while simultaneously being able to incorporate new skills necessary for an emerging industry.

Here are seven essential leadership skills for every IT manager:

1.      Adaptability to change

For as long as technology continues to change, the IT industry will continue to evolve, which makes it necessary for team leaders to be equally adaptable.

2.      Communication

The ability to speak and write effectively through a variety of mediums is a prerequisite for success for IT managers today.

3.      Delegation

Knowing which projects to tackle yourself and which to outsource to a team member will increase the likelihood that all projects are handled efficiently.

4.      Setting the example

Always strive to be the hardest working member of your team, and never expect a team member to work harder than you yourself are willing to work.

5.      Third-party management

Working with vendors is a huge part of IT management, which means knowing how to work, negotiate and communicate with third parties is a central skill for team leaders.

6.      Negotiation

The IT industry is a hierarchy, and often there are several levels of leadership jostling together to manage a limited number of resources. The ability to fairly but firmly negotiate will ensure that you and your team have everything that they need to maintain a successful work environment.

7.      Conflict resolution

More often than not, interpersonal or interdepartmental conflicts will wind up being brought to your desk. Managers that are able to listen and compromise have the best chance of keeping everyone in their team happy.

Be an Effective Manager

The best managers are those that are able to set an example through their behavior. As the IT industry continues to grow, it will remain vital for our teams to keep pace with the changes, as they occur. One of the most effective ways of guaranteeing success for our teams is ensuring that our managers have the tools and skills necessary to communicate, navigate and lead.

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