IT Leadership Trends That Are Going Cold

As all IT team leaders will know well, there is a constant interplay of social, economic, and technological factors that need to be adapted to in order to keep our businesses vibrant and up to date. As the workplace rapidly evolves to meet the changing demands of modern business, leaders must also adapt fluid managerial styles to lead the way in keeping up with the changes. Certain management skills that were once considered vital are now not nearly as important, while skills that were once considered unnecessary for IT leaders to adopt are now the norm.

It is often easier to learn than it is to unlearn.

Which IT leadership skills are going cold and which are due for an update?

  1. Making hires based solely on tech expertise.

While there will always be a place for tech wizards, it is just as vital to include skilled communicators and influencers within your team.

  1. Being risk averse.

Traditionally, IT leaders have tended to be conservative in their growth tactics. Now that technological development and security is a top-tier industry, IT companies need to be headed by dynamic, bold leaders, who are willing to try nontraditional tactics.

  1. Only managing on-site employees.

With more and more professionals beginning to work remotely, it is vital for leaders to develop the skill of managing a decentralized team.

  1. Running a “one-stop-shop.”

Today’s IT businesses are expected to be efficient and multifunctional. Correspondingly, today’s IT leaders should approach problems from multiple angles and be able to provide diverse solutions.

  1. Being content with what you already know.

Understanding the traditional principles of the IT industry is a good place to start, but leaders today need to embrace a continuing education.

  1. Being results-oriented.

One of the main objectives of IT leaders has been to produce concrete, predetermined results. Today, it’s necessary for IT leaders to be able to facilitate communication and create opportunities for positive change within their teams.

The IT Industry Is Evolving

The IT industry will continue to change as technology and the workplace continue to evolve. It is the responsibility of team leaders to keep a finger on the pulse of these changes, so they are able to adjust their teams’ functions to keep up with the growth. In order to be adaptable, it is equally (if not more) important to be able to discard outdated leadership habits as it is to adopt new ones.

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