Here’s Why It’s Important To Thank Your Employees

Employee Appreciation

There are certain intangible qualities a workplace has to possess if it’s going to foster long-term satisfaction, happiness, and camaraderie in its employees. Respect, strong leadership, a mission statement founded upon a value structure – none of these characteristics can be bought, and yet the impacts they can have on your employee’s happiness are far greater than any physical office feature could ever make.

The quality, which is arguably the most important for employers to infuse into their workplaces, is a sense of common purpose. Or, put another way, a sense that each employee has that his or her efforts are valued, recognized, and worthwhile. On the other side of that coin, there is perhaps no quicker way to sow disharmony, resentment, and decreased productivity in the workplace than to let the work of your employees – including their achievements – go unnoticed.

It’s crucial, then, for employers to make a conscientious effort to acknowledge the work of their employees in a way that makes them feel noticed and appreciated. Taking small actions today to thank your employees will make it much more likely that you’ll have a happy, healthy, and harmonious workplace tomorrow.

Here are three practical reasons why it’s essential to thank your employees for the hard work that they put in every day:

Productivity will improve. A positive work environment makes employees more enthusiastic and engaged in their work. When someone knows that their manager genuinely appreciates their efforts, they’re much more likely to feel motivated to produce quality work than someone who suspects that their efforts are going unnoticed.

It will produce advocates for your company. If you’re an unhappy employee who feels ignored by your manager, chances are you’re going to leave a less-than-flattering online review for your company (if, indeed, you decide to leave one at all). On the other hand, if you’re an employee who feels valued by your team and by your leadership, you’re far more likely to leave a positive review that will subsequently attract clients and candidates to work with your company.

Employee turnover will decrease. A recent study published by found that 54% of employees would leave their current jobs if they felt that their manager did not recognize their work. Failing to acknowledge employees and not thanking them for their work is a major contributing factor that leads to employer turnover. On the flip side, taking the time to congratulate an employee for a work achievement in front of his or her peers, award someone with a small gift (such as a coffee or restaurant gift card), or throw an employee appreciation party can go a long way towards making employees feel comfortable in their current roles.

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