It’s Time To Review Your Hiring Process For The New Year

Autumn is finally here, and 2020 is just over the horizon. For many, December is the month to begin reflecting on the past year, to take stock of the present, and to look ahead towards the future. Old habits are being discarded, new trends are being developed, and new goals are being set for professionals, businesses, and industries alike.

For those of us in the HR space, it’s time for us to now begin reviewing our hiring processes and developing strategies for improvement for the new year. Easier said than done, no doubt. But there are excellent reasons why we should be taking time now to look towards the future, anticipating how our methods need to be updated to keep up with the pace of change.

Here are three reasons why it’s crucial to review your hiring process:

  •    Your hiring process may take too long.

This is a problem that many employers have but that they’re not aware of. In many HR departments, the hiring process drags on for an unnecessarily long period, which inevitably results in lost recruitment opportunities. With the new year in sight, we should be asking ourselves: are our recruitment, interviewing, and hiring processes as streamlined as they could be?

  •    Your recruitment process may not be taking “culture fit” into account.

In recent years, employers across a variety of industries have learned about the importance of “culture fit” when vetting candidates. This includes identifying notable cultural traits that are present in their workplace, communicating them to prospective employees, and gauging whether or not their character traits and professional style align with the values of the company. This, in turn, means that employers are now looking for soft-skills (interpersonal skills) at least as much as they are for hard-skills (technical skills). Are you?

  •    It may be time to begin leveraging third-party recruitment services 

In many cases, HR departments are constrained by limitations on time or resources, and so are unable to find and recruit the most suitable candidates for a role. Third-party recruitment services, on the other hand – like the professionals at Transcend Solutions – are perfectly positioned to do the extra legwork. These services can team up with your HR department to dig deep and identify strong, qualified candidates who might otherwise be overlooked. If your HR department has not yet discovered how recruitment services can enhance your employee search, now is the perfect time to reach out. Who knows what we could achieve together in 2020?

To learn more about how you can get started strengthening your team for the new year, contact us here.


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