Why is Recruiting Engineers so Challenging?

The demand for talented technology professionals, including engineers, remains as strong as ever. This situation makes it difficult for companies that employ engineering professionals to source the talent they need. Recruiting efforts become costly and fraught with risk, especially if a long staffing process results in no new hires.

So let’s provide a high-level analysis of the current difficulty in recruiting experienced engineers. This information helps your company plan its next staffing effort, resulting in a greater chance of success. In the end, maybe a partnership with an experienced engineering staffing agency helps you hire the talent your business needs?

Why is The Current Demand For Engineers so Strong?

The demand for talented engineers reflects the overall strong demand for technology professionals, as noted earlier. Increased retirement of baby boomer engineers and the recovery after COVID-19 also contributes to the current high demand. Because of this, companies need to offer high salaries and take a proactive staffing approach to make that hire.

Salary isn’t The Only Factor Engineers Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer

In many cases, offering a competitively high salary still results in an engineering candidate choosing another opportunity. Notably, the modern engineer requires other perks that go beyond their ultimate pay grade. They want the opportunity to work on the latest technology innovations for an employer that provides professional development opportunities. Offering flexible schedules such as remote or hybrid environments also helps incent engineers to accept your company’s job offer.

Simplify The Requirements for Your Company’s Open Engineering Position

If the requirements for your company’s engineering position seem overly complex to a talented engineer, expect fewer applicants. In a tech job market favoring candidates, simplifying the requirements helps attract more engineering candidates. Focus on crafting a job description that focuses only on what the job truly needs. With a wider candidate pool, your chances of making a great hire simply improve.

Partner With a Technical Staffing Agency Specializing in Engineering Talent

Ultimately, partnering with a tech staffing agency that regularly places talented engineers remains the right choice for your business. The best agencies provide engineering professionals open to both contract and permanent positions. Forging a partnership over time helps the agency understand your company’s culture and technology profile. It’s the right strategy for ensuring your organization’s staffing efforts result in a successful hire.

Need help finding talented engineers?

When searching for a technology staffing agency as a partner, look no further than Transcend Solutions. As one of the top engineering employment agencies in the Northwest, we provide the top candidates your business needs. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your ideal engineering candidate.

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