Upskilling Your Team to Prepare For The Skills Gap Era

The technology world evolves on a regular basis, with new innovations transforming the modern economy in many different ways. It’s a scenario requiring professionals to constantly update their skills to stay marketable for new job opportunities. Additionally, employers must ensure their employees receive the training to prevent a skills gap from hampering company productivity.

Moreover, consider if your company expects to lose senior professionals to retirement. It’s another scenario that increases the risk of a skills gap reducing your operational efficiency. So check out these insights on how to upskill your current staff to keep your business running efficiently.

A Robust Training and Professional Development Program is Beneficial

If your company already boasts a well-considered training and professional development program, it helps protect against a skills gap. It also remains a strong differentiator for tech professionals when deciding on different job opportunities. The current tech pro wants to work for organizations that nurture their employees’ skills.

So if you currently lack meaningful professional development resources, immediately remedy this situation. Either offer training and certification resources or reimburse your employees for leveraging third-party providers in this area. The benefits to your organization remain too numerous to ignore.

Incent Your Employees to Earn Relevant Certifications

Whenever your company suffers a tech skills gap, remedying the situation as quickly as possible becomes critical. As noted above, a variety of useful certifications exist for upskilling purposes. They help employees close their skills gap when combined with the necessary training to pass the certification test.

Awarding bonuses when an employee earns a certification relevant to your company’s needs incents them to improve their skills. We already talked about the importance of providing training and professional development resources to your employees. This extra step helps ensure your staff takes full advantage of these available opportunities.

Add Tech Talent With the Skills You Need on a Contract or Permanent Basis

Simply hiring a tech professional with the skills your company wants helps quickly close a skills gap. This approach also benefits your other employees. For example, your software development team has a project using machine learning, but lacks practical knowledge of AI. Hiring someone with that experience on a contract or permanently adds the skills you need. Your current developers then gain experience in crafting machine learning models from an expert in the field.


Need help closing your company’s skill gap? 

If your business needs to close the skills gap, connect with the team at Transcend Solutions. As one of the top technical staffing agencies in the Northwest, we provide the tech talent you need, helping your company succeed. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your current hiring plans.

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