Look For These 4 Key Qualities in Your Next Project Manager

Quality project management plays a crucial role in the success of many businesses relying on technology. Exceptional project managers ensure technical initiatives get completed on time and under budget. This ensures your business enjoys an excellent return on its IT investments. Their people skills also keep employee morale as high as possible, even during difficult projects.

When recruiting IT project managers, a discerning approach helps your company make the right hiring decision. So let’s identify some of the important qualities differentiating the top PMs from those simply holding the title. Use this information to inform your company’s next search for managerial talent.

Exceptional Verbal and Written Communication Skills

Any technical project manager needs top-shelf communication skills, both verbally and with the written word. Their verbal chops ensure project teams stay on the same page with clients, business stakeholders, and each other. A friendly and personable nature also helps diffuse conflict, keeping everyone copacetic and focused on the end goal. It ultimately inspires the team towards achieving project success despite any challenges.

Writing skills help when crafting requirements and specifications. The ability to explain complex technical issues with easy-to-grasp language also pays dividends. So take note of a candidate’s communication ability in their cover letter and during interviews.

An Approach Centered on Integrity

The best project managers make sure integrity lies at the heart of their managerial style. They also demand their team members follow a similar tack during every project. Remember that a PM effectively provides the public face of your business to clients and stakeholders. So take care when checking candidate references for evidence of integrity throughout their career.

Technology Project Managers Must Be Organized

A highly-organized nature remains a crucial quality for any experienced IT project manager. Technical projects demand everyone on the team to adopt an orderly and structured approach to their work. If the PM seems disorganized by nature, their credibility as a leader ultimately suffers. Again, pay close attention to how organized your PM candidates appear during the interview.

Great PMs Understand How to Foster Collaboration

Collaboration continues to be a hallmark of the modern IT world. Companies regularly adopt Agile, DevOps, and similar methodologies aimed at fostering teamwork. So your business needs tech project managers with an affinity for building a team-based approach. Ask pointed questions about their experience with fostering collaboration throughout their career.


Searching for your next project manager?

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