Streamline How You Recruit Top Engineers

For many of us, the immediate day-to-day demands of managing an IT company and developing a product often takes priority over bringing new, talented engineers onto our teams. While putting the development of our recruitment practices on the back burner might feel like a necessity at times, the truth is that it can slow the rate of progress for our businesses by causing us to miss opportunities to connect with and recruit top talent. Keeping the constraints of a demanding workload and our limited resources in mind, what can we do to make the recruitment process more painless? 

Here are some simple and effective ways to streamline your recruiting process that will attract expert engineers: 

Build your employer brand  

One of the major qualities that all of the top IT employers have in common is that their company has a coherent, consistent, and purposeful company story. By building your company’s narrative (in the form of mission statements and the voice behind your copywriting, for example) candidates will be much more interested in learning more about you. 

Partner with a staffing agency 

Staffing Agencies specialize in connecting qualified engineers who are on the job market with IT companies searching for top-talent. While most recruiting departments within the IT industry tend to prioritize finding talent quickly over digging deep to find the best candidates, staffing agencies are equipped with the resources, time, and expertise needed to reach out directly to top engineers who might otherwise be missed. Once you’ve developed and strengthened your employer branding strategy, partnering with a staffing agency can help spread the message, mission, and values of your company far and wide in order to attract top talent.

Build an honest and open relationship with candidates 

Job seekers can often feel alienated if they receive too many automated email responses, or if they just generally feel as though they are not interacting with real people during the application process. Upfront, personal communication is a great way to stand out and increase the chances of an applicant following through with your company. Sending personalized responses to top-qualified candidates is one of the skills that staffing agencies specialize in, and which can help establish long-lasting relationships with candidates and streamline the recruitment process. 

 To learn more about how you can get connected with top talent, check us out here. 


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