Does Your Culture Match What Engineers Are Looking For?

Having a strong company culture  with coherent values, a positive and supportive working environment, and an ethically grounded mission statement  is a foundational component for any successful IT company. There’s data to support this; recent research published by Deloitte found that 94% of business leaders and 88% of employees consider a strong company culture to be crucial to a business’ success.  

As workplaces modernize, there is a demand for IT companies to evolve their workplace culture in order to keep up with the changing expectations of modern, talented engineers. What are the company culture qualities that today’s engineers expect from a workplace? 

    1.  An organized development process. Many companies do not allow their engineering team a seat at the table during the planning and development stage of a project. By giving your engineers the opportunity to voice opinions or concerns during this stage, you’ll receive valuable insights and will make your engineers feel much more engaged. 
    2.  A flexible work environment. Gone are the days of successful IT companies keeping engineers in isolated cubicles. Break down the barriers to success by giving your engineers the flexibility to easily move around the workplace, and the opportunity to occasionally work remotely (if necessary). 
    3.  Dissolved hierarchies. Engineers are constantly encountering novel problems that require creative solutions. Adopt a “no-door policy” by allowing them quick and simple access to leadership, so that multilevel collaboration can occur, and results can be produced with less friction and less wasted time. 
    4.  An interdepartmental company cultureToo often companies will have modes of working and value systems that are inconsistent between departments, or between leadership and staff. The simplest and most effective way of providing your engineers with an ideal company culture is to make sure they’re working within a single, unified culture. 

The key takeaway here is one of the best ways to strengthen your company is to provide your employees with a strong and vibrant company culture in which they feel recognized, empowered, and incentivized to contribute. There can be no doubt that the structure of the modern workplace is rapidly changing; however, IT companies can take advantage of this evolution by seizing the opportunity to provide their engineers with a supportive company culture in which they can thrive as a part of a unified team.  

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