Top Hiring Trends To Watch For In 2020

The standards of the tech industry are constantly evolving, which means that employers have to be equally dynamic and flexible if they are to retain a competitive edge. One of the major components of that flexibility is a company’s ability to re-evaluate and update its hiring and recruitment methodologies constantly. If an employer is aware of the industry’s latest hiring trends and can incorporate those into its process, it will be able to continue to build a workforce that can keep up with the shifting demands of the industry. On the other hand, an employer that holds on to an outdated recruitment methodology risks being left behind.

With these ideas in mind, this post will explore four of the top hiring trends that tech employers should be aware of in 2020:

  • Workplace culture should be a top priority. A growing body of evidence suggests that modern professionals prefer strong and healthy workplace cultures over increased pay. It’s crucial, therefore, for employers to prioritize a recruitment methodology that takes company culture into account. It’s important to ensure that any new employee has the requisite skills, experience, and background. It should be equally important, however, to make sure that they’re personality and expectations will align with the type of working environment that you’re trying to cultivate.
  • The recruitment process will need to be as streamlined as possible. Top-talent job candidates are perpetually in high demand. As a result, employers need to adopt quick and efficient recruiting methodologies, or they will risk losing top-talent to their competitors. By ensuring a streamlined application, communication, interviewing, and hiring process, employers will minimize their chances of being “ghosted” by candidates.
  • Diversity-based recruiting will become increasingly important. A recent study found that employers who hire a more diverse workforce (in terms of both ethnicity and gender) are 35% more likely to see annual financial returns that are higher than those of their competitors within their respective industries. What’s more, this trend towards hiring for a more diverse workforce is only expected to accelerate. Consequently, diversity should be a top priority in 2020 for any hiring manager in the tech industry.
  • More candidates will seek flexible work options. The option to (even occasionally) work remotely and to generally have more control over one’s mode of working is becoming an increasingly important expectation for job candidates. And as communication technologies continue to improve, it will only become more common for top employers to provide their employees with flexible work options. Any company that’s seeking to stand out from the crowd, therefore, should seriously consider providing the opportunity to work remotely as a primary perk for existing employees and potential candidates.

At Transcend Solutions, we’re working with employers to modernize hiring practices and equip teams for success. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can prepare your organization for the future, contact us here.

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