When Should I Expand My Development Team?


Understanding the right time to add programming talent to your team requires an analytical approach. After all, you want to ensure projects get completed on time without spending too much on software developers. At the same time, overworking your current staff ultimately risks their morale, potentially resulting in a lower retention rate.

So let’s look more closely determining the best times to recruit programmers to join your organization. Optimizing the size of your company’s programming staff completes projects in the most cost-effective manner. In the end, it’s a multifaceted issue requiring analyzing both your current needs and the organization’s growth potential.

Ensuring a Critical Project Finishes in a Successful Manner

When your current development team struggles to complete a crucial project, consider quickly outsourcing a few developers. It’s the best way to ensure a successful project outcome and happy clients and/or business stakeholders. This approach also prevents your current staff from becoming overworked and potentially leaving for another opportunity.

Close a Skills Gap To Meet Your Company’s Growth Potential

The constant change of the technology world requires a proactive effort ensuring your company doesn’t fall behind its competition. When your programmers lack experience in the latest tech skills, it limits the types of projects available to you. So adding a few developers experienced in machine learning, for example, prevents this kind of skills gap. Your current staff also gains meaningful experience with recent innovations in programming.

Keep Developer Morale as High as Possible

Overworking your developers leads to them becoming stressed out and potentially suffering from burnout. Simply stated, you need to prevent this situation from occurring if you want to retain their loyalty. Augmenting your development staff ensures productivity stays high while allowing your staff to balance their personal and professional lives. Pay close attention to any signs of burnout among your developers, especially during crunch time on a project.

Happy Clients Lead to a Successful Business

When complaints from customers continue to multiply, it becomes difficult to build a successful business. You need to quickly determine the source of the problem. Perhaps their issues relate to delayed-release cycles? If so, it definitely requires adding an influx of qualified developers. Keeping your clients happy ultimately leads to additional opportunities for growing your organization.


Struggling to find new developers?

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