4 Software Platforms Your Designers and Drafters Need to Know

While many drafters still work with paper and pencil, modern designs typically get crafted on a computer. This situation requires designers and drafters to possess strong familiarity with a variety of software platforms used in drafting. After all, being experts in this area helps them perform their jobs in a more efficient manner.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the top applications used by drafters. Leverage this information to write job ads to target the candidates your business needs when searching for design talent. Also ensure your interviewers are able to vet each applicant’s skills in this area!

Deep Experience in AutoCAD is Essential For Drafters

Arguably the industry standard in architectural design software, deep AutoCAD experience remains critical for any professional drafter. It gets used to craft designs for everything from buildings to internal office spaces. Expert AutoCAD users boast the ability to quickly construct 2D architectural models.

When perusing résumés of drafting candidates, pay attention to their AutoCAD experience level. The presence of any AutoCAD certifications also helps identify candidates potentially worth your interest. A certification from Autodesk, developers of the platform, likely carries more weight than those from other providers.

MATLAB Provides Drafters and Designers With Mathematical Support

Seeing MATLAB on a list of important software platforms for drafters seems somewhat surprising. However, this mathematical environment provides the critical support occasionally needed when creating complex architectural designs. In addition to its math functionality, MATLAB also provides some basic drawing and UX design features.

Also, a drafter or designer with MATLAB experience might boast higher-level technical skills compared to other candidates. Keep this in mind during your hiring process.

SolidWorks Offers an Easy Environment For Creating 3D Designs

SolidWorks differentiates itself from other CAD platforms by providing an easy-to-use software environment for 3D design. It stands out compared to AutoCAD with its ability to quickly model 3D mechanical designs and physical environments. Drafting candidates with skills and experience with both platforms deserve strong consideration.

SketchUp Provides an Environment For 3D Modeling

SketchUp offers users an easy-to-grasp environment for creating 3D models. It pairs well with a 3D printer for companies looking to quickly create physical models used in their design process. It boasts similar functionality with SolidWorks, with many pundits choosing it over SketchUp for more complex work. Still, experience with SketchUp is valuable for your company’s drafting and design candidates.

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