Architecture Trends For a Post-COVID World

The massive changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic continue to transform the business world in a myriad of ways. Of course, remote working becoming commonplace remains one of the most critical shifts. In fact, the market for commercial real estate, especially as it relates to offices, might never be the same.

Needless to say, companies in the architectural industry must take heed of these still-emerging trends. Understanding where the sector is headed informs the long-term planning required for finding opportunities in this new environment. Put your organization in a place to thrive with designs to meet the demands of a changed business landscape.

The Number of New Affordable Housing Projects Increases

The economic downturn due to COVID-19 revealed that the strong need for affordable housing continues. Funding for these projects even increased in the wake of the pandemic. So expect many opportunities for architectural design projects in the housing space.

The Need For Commercial Office Space Decreases

As noted earlier, COVID-19 made remote working the new normal across the country. Additionally, businesses itching to return to the office are finding that more employees prefer staying at home. This remains a strong factor driving the current Great Resignation.

Because of this situation, the demand for commercial office space continues to trend downwards. If your company relies on this type of architectural work, look for other opportunities, including affordable housing.

Deep-Work Chambers Grow in Popularity

Still, not all office space is going away because of the pandemic. In fact, some companies want to transform their offices with deep-work chambers that reduce distractions while boosting attention spans. This interior design approach focuses on separating the social and work areas of an office.

At the same time, improved ventilation systems are another new requirement, post COVID-19. New CDC guidelines factor into this increasing need. So modifying existing office spaces remains worthy of exploration for architectural firms with a client base in this area.

An Expansion in Science and Technology Education

The pandemic provided no lowering of the need for better science and technology facilities in the United States. Even with an increase in remote learning, colleges continue to expand their on-campus tech programs. As a result, they need architectural firms with experience in designing new educational buildings. Again, expect updated CDC guidelines to also influence the interior design of these new facilities.


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