How to Compete For and Win Over Top Technology & Engineering Talent?

  With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to wane, the job market for technology professionals remains one favoring the candidate. Companies continue to compete for the most in-demand tech roles, including developers, data engineers and sdet’s. Ultimately, a challenging market requires businesses to take a proactive approach to ensure they source and hire the best. In… Read More »

5 Unexpected Questions to Ask Your Engineering Candidates

  When trying to hire talented engineers, the interview gives your organization the best chance to decide between qualified candidates. You gain an opportunity to vet a candidate’s skills and experience while seeing how well they communicate under pressure. It’s a critical piece of any staffing process, ensuring your company makes the right hiring choice.… Read More »

Finding the Right Fit Fast – 4 Benefits of Partnering with a Staffing Firm

When unemployment strikes, candidate pools widen. While it’s always great to have a broader range of candidates to choose from, it can also make hiring significantly harder. You have more resumes to sort through, the potential for far more interviews, and more challenging decisions to make. Partnering with a staffing firm can simplify the hiring… Read More »

Crisis Leadership – 5 Ways You Can Take the Lead When Everything Else Falls Apart

By focusing on the kind of leader and organization you want to be, you can then make the hard decisions in a way that’s transparent, sustainable, and sets you up to be in a good position once things begin to return to normal.  1. Listen  Listen, listen, listen.  As tempting as it is to go… Read More »

Sending Sick Employees Home – What You Need to Know

What’s your sick leave policy?  The risks associated with employees coming to work while sick are at the forefront of many employer’s minds. You know how quickly the flu – or recently, COVID-19 – spreads throughout the office. But if you’re like many people, you’re not quite sure how to send people home if they… Read More »

Here’s How Having A Flexible Attendance Policy Can Improve Your Workforce

You ask your employees to be in the office from 9 to 5 so everyone can work together and you can get projects done on time. A no-nonsense attendance policy makes sense: it controls costs and keeps things fair. Unfortunately, no-nonsense attendance policies no longer make sense to employees. Surveys find that flexible attendance is… Read More »

How To Run Effective Teams Remotely

Learning to lead remotely is one of today’s most important skills. Even aside from the recent transition to remote work caused by COVID-19, remote working and distributed teams are quickly becoming the new norm. Running an effective team remotely requires you to take a different approach to leadership. Here’s what your distributed team needs from… Read More »

8 New Rules of IT Leadership

If you’ve been in IT leadership for a while, then you remember the days where you made the rules. You only launched complete (and perfect) projects, and you got to pick and choose innovation according to your priorities and tech availability. Today, these rules no longer apply. IT’s mandates no longer carry the weight they… Read More »

What Do Your Remote Workers Need from You During a Crisis?

Leading a remote team already requires a unique approach based on strong communication and trust. Helping them navigate a crisis is a different story entirely. When a crisis hits, you need to support your team through it by doing more than fielding questions and delegating tasks. These challenges also take a psychological toll on teams… Read More »

How to Let an Employee Go – The Right Way

Letting an employee go is an eventuality in any business. Whether it’s the product of a change in direction, a rift between the employee and employer, or the product of an unprecedented and unexpected downturn caused by a global pandemic, it’s going to happen. Releasing an employee isn’t an enjoyable experience for anyone, but there… Read More »

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