4 Steps To Retraining An Employee

As managers, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves pondering what to do about an employee whose productivity or morale has noticeably declined. On the one hand, we could let them go. That’s rarely the ideal solution, however, because it will cost time, money, and resources to recruit, interview, and train their replacement. Whenever possible, we… Read More »

8 Scary Consequences of a Bad Hire

The recruitment team at every company works hard and spends lots of money to identify and bring aboard the right person to fill an open role. That being said, every now and then a new employee is hired who turns out to be a liability for their team, their department, and the company as a… Read More »

Be Productive Every Day by Doing These 7 Things

There are certain daily practices that may seem trivial on the face of things, but that ultimately separate productive people from those that struggle to get things done. When it comes to being productive, it’s not the occasional big breakthroughs that matter as much as the disciplined, daily habits. And they’re habits that anyone can… Read More »

6 Tips to Help Employers Prepare for Their Interviews

The recruitment process is a two-way street between employers and candidates, which means it’s necessary for both parties to prepare appropriately before an interview. There is plenty of discussion surrounding how candidates should organize themselves pre-interview; however, there is an equal amount of responsibility that falls on the interviewer’s shoulders and which is discussed far… Read More »

Does Your Culture Match What Engineers Are Looking For?

Having a strong company culture – with coherent values, a positive and supportive working environment, and an ethically grounded mission statement – is a foundational component for any successful IT company. There’s data to support this; recent research published by Deloitte found that 94% of business leaders and 88% of employees consider a strong company culture to be crucial to a business’… Read More »

Streamline How You Recruit Top Engineers

For many of us, the immediate day-to-day demands of managing an IT company and developing a product often takes priority over bringing new, talented engineers onto our teams. While putting the development of our recruitment practices on the back burner might feel like a necessity at times, the truth is that it can slow the… Read More »

IT Leadership Trends That Are Going Cold

As all IT team leaders will know well, there is a constant interplay of social, economic, and technological factors that need to be adapted to in order to keep our businesses vibrant and up to date. As the workplace rapidly evolves to meet the changing demands of modern business, leaders must also adapt fluid managerial… Read More »

7 Skills Every IT Manager Needs to Be Successful

IT is a rapidly expanding and multidimensional industry, and our businesses need to be equally dynamic in order to keep up. Managers, in particular, need to be flexible in order to be successful. In today’s IT industry, team leaders need to be masters of traditional leadership skills while simultaneously being able to incorporate new skills… Read More »

How to Maintain a Close-Knit Team With Remote Employees

As communications technologies continue to improve, it is becoming increasingly common for companies around the world to work with remote employees – employees who do not regularly work on-site. A recent Gallup poll reported that 43% of employed Americans spend at least some time working remotely (compared to 39% in 2012). While there are certain… Read More »

Here Are 9 Signs That Top Talent Is About to Quit

As team leaders, it’s easy for us to recognize positive patterns of behavior among our team.  It’s little wonder why; we’re always looking for ways to make our teams stronger, so when we notice that someone is pulling extra weight, we’re quick to reward that person. The upshot is that while we’re busy promoting enthusiastic… Read More »

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