How to Build a Company Culture that Empowers All Personality Types

Managing a group of employees inevitably means having to manage a wide range of different temperaments, personalities, and character types. Every office, for example, has its share of introverts and extroverts. As managers, we must recognize that neither personality type is necessarily better nor worse than the other. Regardless of whether an employee happens to… Read More »

Building the Next Generation of Tech Leaders

Today’s workforce is undergoing a rapid generational transition. Not so long ago, baby boomers dominated the workforce. Today, the majority of working professionals across all industries are millennials – and the trend towards greater numbers of young professionals is only expected to accelerate. In other words, the old guard is making way for the new. As a… Read More »

How To Hire in a Tight Tech Market

  Every IT manager understands all too well how competitive the industry has become in recent years. Competitive in terms of market share, absolutely – but also increasingly competitive when it comes to recruitment. With so many flourishing and well-connected tech employers out there, it can often become a daily struggle for hiring managers to get… Read More »

Here’s How To Improve Diversity At Your Company

  As managers, we’re constantly striving to build a workforce that’s comprised of individuals with talent, experience, and ambition. It can be a mistake, however, for employers to base their recruiting tactics solely on these criteria. By searching for the same basic qualities in all prospective job candidates, managers run the risk of creating an… Read More »

Top Hiring Trends To Watch For In 2020

The standards of the tech industry are constantly evolving, which means that employers have to be equally dynamic and flexible if they are to retain a competitive edge. One of the major components of that flexibility is a company’s ability to re-evaluate and update its hiring and recruitment methodologies constantly. If an employer is aware… Read More »

Mind The Gap: Why Age Shouldn’t Be a Factor

In 2020, workplaces have become more multigenerational than ever before. Since each age group can contribute unique skills, perspectives, and modes of working, employers today are looking for talent across the entire spectrum of age. While the diversity in age can provide tremendous boons to the modern workplace, it can also occasionally cause problems for… Read More »

Here’s Why It’s Important To Thank Your Employees

Employee Appreciation

There are certain intangible qualities a workplace has to possess if it’s going to foster long-term satisfaction, happiness, and camaraderie in its employees. Respect, strong leadership, a mission statement founded upon a value structure – none of these characteristics can be bought, and yet the impacts they can have on your employee’s happiness are far… Read More »

It’s Time To Review Your Hiring Process For The New Year

Autumn is finally here, and 2020 is just over the horizon. For many, December is the month to begin reflecting on the past year, to take stock of the present, and to look ahead towards the future. Old habits are being discarded, new trends are being developed, and new goals are being set for professionals,… Read More »

Managers Need To Stop Doing These Things When Interviewing Tech Pros

IT managers tend to be familiar with the conversation points that need to be hit when they’re interviewing tech professionals for an open position. On the other side of that coin, however, there’s a whole set of habits which managers have when interviewing candidates that are unnecessary, or even counterproductive. By eliminating those elements from… Read More »

6 IT Leadership Trends That Are Hot

In the IT industry, leadership trends tend to evolve as frequently as the technologies that the industry builds. In an environment of such fluidity and change, it can be difficult for managers in IT to stay updated on the best practices for leading their teams. To be successful, however, it’s just as crucial for them… Read More »

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